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Recommended Reading

Mckay Gary

'Sleeping With Your Ears Opent akes the reader into the heart and soul of the men of the Australian Army's Special Air Services Regiment. It provides a clear insight into the rigours of the SAS selection process, training for war in Papua New Guinea, then in graphic and sometimes raw and brutal detail into combat behind enemy lines in Borneo and South Viet Nam.'It is an engrossing soldier's story.

Mckay Gary

Reading In Good Company leaves a vivid and disconcerting impression of how the Vietnam War smelt, felt and sounded... One of the most honest and affecting war memoirs which Australians have so far published.

Bob Buick with Gary McKay

Platoon Sergeant Bob Buick - decorated with the Military Medal for bravery for his actions during the Battle of Long Tan - tells in vivid and enthralling detail the story of his tour of Viet Nam. It culminates in the most famous battle involving Australian Diggers in the Viet Nam War, in which thirteen of Buick's men were killed and the remainder survived against overwhelming odds.


An account of the most famous Australian battle of the Vietnam war by the six Australian commanders and one New Zealander commander of the units which made up the Australian fighting force.

Dave Sabben

A fictionalised account, based on extensive research into actual events, of the Battle of Long Tan told from the Viet Namese side.

Steve Lewis

My Vietnam is a 204-page book containing almost 600 photographs taken by Australian veterans.

Vincent P Neale.

Laugh and cry through a Tour of Duty with a young man during his first experience of war. Each chapter is a story in itself and you will find it hard to put down




Adele Leslie-Adams

I thought it was just me

A book written specifically for the adult and older children of Vietnam veterans about the impact of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It outlines in plain language PTSD, it's symptoms and how it impacts on the functioning of the person suffering with the disorder.




Towers tells his own story as a conscript, admitting that, "Vietnam knocked the shit out of me!" Despite that attitude his book is full of humour and he tells of the 1968-69 period in a way that is often funny but can't hide the dangers